GS Products Grows Their Revenue by 220%

“The SEO work you are doing has basically made my company.”

Ben Davis

Owner, GS Products


Monthly Organic Visitors Increase


Monthly Revenue Increase


Monthly Referrals Increase



GS Products was brand new to SEO when they approached us. Despite their lack of experience, the business was very ambitious and ready to promote their company digitally. At the top of their list of goals? Maximising sales.


What we did

We got to know GS Products and their competitors inside out, then plunged our resources into carefully analysing their website. The site was well categorised but there were many inefficiencies in terms keyword targeting as well as a host of technical issues. These issues were fixed and we changed the keyword focus on many pages to maximise their benefits.

We started to see a steady growth as the site started to target keywords with better metadata and content. Based on our earlier research we then developed a content strategy informed by previous successful content created by competitors. We built pieces of content we knew would attract high quality linking partners, helping GS Products grow both their reputation and their digital visibility.



We were able to deliver a 304% increase in organic monthly visitors, leading to a 220% monthly revenue increase. GS Products continues to gain market share and grow their business.

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