Maroque Recover From Technical Woes and Improve Visitor Numbers.

“Thanks so much for your hard work and knowledge, really appreciate it.”

Julie Woodard

Owner, Maroque


Monthly Organic Visitors Increase


Monthly Revenue Increase


Monthly Referrals Increase



Maroque contacted Fusewave shortly after a new site redesign. Unfortunately their recent renovation was not living up to expectations, causing sales and visitor numbers to dwindle.


What we did

Maroque had been running for 14 years and over this period of time had built up a regular flow of visitors via search engine results pages.

Once we had analysed the website we found that the site conversion rate had fallen at the same time the new site design had gone live. With a healthy amount of daily visitors, we found that boosting their conversion rate and engaging visitors more successfully would be key to helping Maroque return to the level of revenue they had been used to.

To tackle these tasks we ran extensive split tests in order to improve how long visitors spent on the website and how many visitors went on to make a purchase. We also performed keyword research and optimised each of Maroque’s commercial pages to give them a boost as we worked to perfect their pages.



Over the first few months we were able to increase Maroque’s falling monthly revenue by 30% and increase monthly referrals by 47%. Our work with Maroque is ongoing as they continue to recover and grow their business.

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