R-Tech Welding increase revenue by 102%

Robert White

CEO, R-Tech Welding


Monthly Organic Visitors Increase


Monthly Revenue Increase


Monthly Referrals Increase



R-Tech were in the process of switching to a new website. They wanted to gain more visitors and sales but first they needed to make sure that switching to the new website wouldn’t upset the current level of sales they had.


What we did

First we made sure that the elements that made the site work were transferred safely to the new site. To do this we ran a friendly bot through both websites and ran a technical audit.

We noticed that there were alot of improvements to be made that would enhance the performance of R-Tech so we implemented them soon after the new site went live. This included category descriptions and meta title tag optimisation which would help their web pages perform alot better.

We also added Google Ecommerce code to the new R-tech website to their team could better understand where the revenue was being generated from.

Once the on site work started to have a positive impact on performance we ran a comprehensive analysis of the Welding market to figure out how we could promote the site.

We started with by creating a simple cost effective safety guide.  T the time of writing the web page has gained 46 links and over 500 social shares.  It was also covered by the Stainless Steel World magazine.

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