Southern Ukulele Store increase their organic visitors by 521%

“I have been monitoring progress of the website stats throughout the year, and I am delighted with the advances we have made. Fusewave appear to be worth every penny!”

Rob Pratt

Owner, Southern Ukulele Store


Monthly Organic Visitors Increase


Monthly Referrals Increase



Southern ukulele store (SUS) were already an established company with a vibrant store in Bournemouth and a well known brand within the Ukulele community.

Their website was generating a moderate amount of sales but not to the extent that you might expect given their standing in the community.


What we did

After an initial website and market analysis it was clear that the website was underperforming. The website had links and a Domina Authority to rival some of the best performing online competitors.

The main problem was that the site was not efficiently targeting commercial keyword searches that were being typed into Google by their target customers.

Most of the backlink profile was toxic which meant that we had to replenish those links to help the client return to their previous position in the market.

So the first job was to complete keyword research so that we could make sure that every page on the SUS site was targeting keywords that would attract potential customers.

The keywords were added to the site via category descriptions and meta title tags. There was an immediate rise in visitors numbers and keywords appearing on Google page 1 which resulted in more web sales.

Later we ran a link building campaign to place SUS on pages listing Ukulele websites like this one and this one.



SUS are ranking on Google page one keyword rankings for the most competitive keywords in their market such as ‘ukulele’ which at the time of writing they still hold.

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