Tubz Vending Franchise Recovers From Penalty Then Increases Organic Visitors by 584%.

“Say thanks to the team for all the hard work. Really pleased with the way things are going.”

Frank Smith

Owner, Tubz Vending Franchise


Monthly Organic Visitors Increase


Monthly Referrals Increase



Tubz Vending Franchise came to us with faced with a sticky situation. The brand’s previous SEO company had used bad practice link building which had lead to the website being hit with a manual action penalty.

Previously Tubz had been ranking well for all of its target keywords, so understandably the team were keen to recover as quickly as possible.


What we did

The priority was to remove the manual penalty Tubz had been hit with. To do this we analysed their backlink profile then emailed all negative websites linking to Tubz, asking them to remove the links. We achieved a 77% removal rate, then disavowed the remaining bad links using Webmaster Tools.

After all of this legwork, we sent a reconsideration letter to Google who agreed to remove the penalty. Hey presto!

Our next step was to help Tubz regrow its digital presence. To start rebuilding we compiled extensive research including customer insights and keyword analysis to discover the content potential visitors may be interested in. Equipped with this research, we then began regularly publishing helpful content to boost traffic, increase shares and develop Tubz’s reputation as an expert voice in its niche.



Today the Tubz website is attracting more leads than ever before. The brand has just expanded into Europe and has been blissfully penalty free since working with Fusewave.

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