Keyword Research

Get found for more search terms. Our keyword research service helps you optimise your website with the keywords your potential customers are searching for, boosting your visitors and online sales.

The key to optimisation…


Learning the landscape

Every good piece of keyword research starts with getting organised and understanding the lay of the land. Every sector, industry and niche is different, which is why it’s important for us to understand which terms are relevant to you, which terms your competitors are using and which terms your target markets are searching for.

Armed with this in depth knowledge, it’s time for our keyword research specialists to dive into the data. We investigate which keywords your competitors are trying to rank for and bid on, then uncover the terms they may not even have thought of, identifying great opportunities for you to score “quick wins”, rapidly appearing in search results for less competitive keywords.


Choosing our words carefully

Once we have collected all of this data to share with you, we can make recommendations regarding how to use your most promising keywords to your advantage.

Whether they’re distributed across your website as part of a wider content update, added to a series of blog posts or sewn into your metadata, we can help you turn your raw keyword research into increased traffic and a more visible online presence. We can even conduct this optimisation in house with the support of our content team, if preferred.


What’s the Magic Word?

Let us uncover the “magic words” which could help you gain an advantage over your online competition. Contact our team today to discuss your business, your niche, keyword research and how you’d like to grow your online brand.


Analysis & Categorisation

Wowzers thats a lot of keyword data. Time for us to earn our bacon and start putting it into a logical order for you. The result? A comprehensive file keywords that have been ordered into categories that can be handed over to your developer to implement on your new site (new or existing).

Service Promise

We will help you get to grips with the searches being performed around your products and even create an architecture for your website to target them efficiently. This is particularly helpful if you are building a new website and you want to know if you are correctly targeting potential customers.

Here are a few things people have said about our Keyword Research

John, he’s refreshingly honest and incredibly knowledgeable about what really works with SEO and what can be achieved as well as being realistic about what can’t be realised.

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Chris Dawson

Editor, Tamebay

John is extremely efficient in all areas that I have worked with him in. He has provided us with cost effective solutions in the business and the results have been excellent.

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Adam Guina

Managing Director, GM Contracts Ltd

They have certainly helped GM raise their profile online. I would highly recommend John to anyone, and will be a future customer for their SEO services.

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Matt Mooney

Managing Director, GM Contracts Ltd

John has been a great help in managing our SEO campaign over the past 12 months which has led to significant improvement in traffic flow through to our website.

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Jordan Facci

Sales and Marketing Director, Crown Executive Cars

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